RP695H EMC/EMI Filters for EV Charging Stations

High-Performance DC EMC/EMI Filters for EV Charging Stations

High Performance EV Charger EMI Filter

Hackettstown, NJ – December 2022 - To continue to support the EV charging infrastructure, Astrodyne TDI, a global developer and manufacturer of power conversion and EMI/EMC solutions, has developed a new range of high-performance EMI/EMC filters for fast and ultra-fast DC chargers. The new RP695H DC EMI filters combine high performance and compact factors. These high-performance EMI/EMC filters are designed to improve cost and shorten the time-to-market for DC charger OEM.

 With electric vehicles (EVs) becoming more popular, there is an ever-growing need for faster-charging options. Due to this, the demand for DC ultra-fast charging infrastructure has skyrocketed. To meet this increasing demand, EV charger manufacturers are working on newer high-power designs. The need for more power, shorter development time frames, and compact designs has also made the agency compliance process a lot more challenging, especially, on the radiated spectrum. The primary contributor to radiated emissions failure is radiated noise on the EV charger output (DC side). This has given rise to a need for high current, high voltage, high-performance DC filters in a compact form factor.

Astrodyne TDI’s RP695H series is a high-performance, dual-stage DC EMI/EMC solution that operates up to 1500 VDC. For performance, cost, and weight optimization, this design features a hybrid extruded-molded construction. These features are especially important for ultra-fast DC Charger applications where space and weight are critical. The RP695H filters are offered in 450 A, 600 A, 1000 A, and 1600 A-rated currents and selectable Y-capacitor values from 0 to 2000nF. To ensure peace of mind, Astrodyne TDI can provide a “no-charge” on-site pre-compliance testing to minimize unexpected costs and time to market. 

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RP695 EMI/EMC filters are ideally suited for: 

  • DC fast chargers
  • High power rectifiers
  • Inverters
  • Induction and industrial chargers
  • Solar

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