Astrodyne TDI Solving Power-Related Semiconductor Capital Equipment Problems

Astrodyne TDI CEO Chris Viola

Founded in 1960, Astrodyne TDI is a custom designer and manufacturer of innovative power solutions for demanding applications worldwide. “We are a world leader in solving the most challenging power-related semiconductor capital equipment problems,” says Christopher Viola, CEO, Astrodyne TDI. “The market today is witnessing a significant increase in the complexity of semiconductor production and continuous demand to raise yield and improve throughputs. So, it becomes essential for capital equipment companies to stay at the forefront of modern semiconductor technology. We help our industry-leading clients achieve this.”

Astrodyne TDI solutions range from RF filtering and liquid cooling to programmable variable output power supplies. These solutions help increase clients’ flexibility and capability in the design cycle while enabling them to launch their products to the market quickly. “We’ve recently integrated our power supplies with RF filtering, digital communication, and variable output to deliver a turnkey working solution that our end customers can directly integrate into their tools. This helps clients reduce lead time and costs, using a single solution to solve their problems,” adds Viola. The company also dedicates a team of experts to every project, focusing on clients’ unique requirements. They work around the clock until every challenge is overcome. More importantly, the company continually enhances its products’ capabilities, such as increasing the measurement accuracy, digital control, responsiveness, and impedance matching for RF filtering to enable end customers to attain the best equipment performance. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions architected to address general needs, Astrodyne TDI’s advanced tools and technologies customize the power supplies and RFI or EMI filters to meet clients’ unique requirements and demands.

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To put things into perspective, one of Astrodyne TDI’s clients was struggling with space and performance issues in a deposition chamber. They needed a very power-dense, digitally programmable variable output, a liquid-cooled power supply that could meet the semiconductor industry’s rigorous standards. After analyzing several solutions, the client finally found that Astrodyne TDI checked all the right boxes. In less than two weeks, Astrodyne TDI developed and delivered a sample of a customized platform. This contrasted sharply with the client’s expectation of six months to a year in development. The company is committed to solving customers’ challenges and meeting critical needs and deadlines.

"We are a world leader in solving the most challenging power-related semiconductor capital equipment problems"

Driven by such commitment and enthusiasm to serve clients, Astrodyne TDI invests heavily in engineering—both domestically and overseas. “The semiconductor industry is an ever-evolving field. To stay abreast of the changes, it is essential to continuously update the knowledge base. We are doing this,” mentions Viola. The company has also created a highly attractive and unique product roadmap for the next three years to continually showcase its excellence in power and filter solutions. Astrodyne TDI does not stop there. It has recently introduced a technology center on the west coast to support its regional customers with a local engineering presence, key products demonstration, and lab testing. Geographically, Astrodyne TDI has already spread its wings into the European market. “We are continually expanding our engineering resources across all of our factories in Asia, the west coast technology center in California, and Europe,” says Viola.

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