The Summer Internship Experience at Astrodyne TDI

Astrodyne TDI’s Internship Program is designed to help students build their professional portfolio through hands-on work experience with electronic components including EMI filters, power supplies, and power distribution units. The benefits of developing professional skills, prior to earning a degree, are endless. At Astrodyne TDI, we ensure students develop valuable, applied skills at the workplace and are challenged through real-world organization-based experiences.

During the summer of 2020, Brian Hunt and Christopher Parisi joined the Astrodyne TDI Internship Program after their Sophomore year at Rowan University. While at Astrodyne TDI, they were able to work within the Engineering and Marketing departments of the EMI filters business unit. Their earned experience was shaped by assisting both departments, helping support Astrodyne TDI’s partners and customers. In this article Brian and Christopher describe what it is like to work at Astrodyne TDI and how this experience has enriched their professional careers.

What was your internship experience like at Astrodyne TDI?

“I had an amazing experience while participating in the engineering internship for Astrodyne TDI. I was able to work and learn in an environment that promoted efficiency and quality while producing their filters and power sources. I learned how work is to be done in an engineering lab by shadowing Astrodyne TDI’s engineers and helping them when they needed assistance. Additionally, I was able to work independently on projects given to me by those engineers.

I think this was a great way to introduce interns into the world of engineering because it gives them a real world application for the information learned through school. Overall, I had an incredible time learning and working for the Astrodyne team.”

Brian Hunt

“My experience at ATDI was one of education and intuition. Over the course of the three months I was employed I learned more about design, datasheet organization, manufacturing, electrical engineering, and hands on prototype building than I could have imagined. From engineers to marketing to managers and other staff, everyone was extremely pleasant and always willing to offer their wisdom whenever prompted for it.”

Christopher Parisi

How will your experience at Astrodyne TDI help shape your future career?

“I believe that the experience I gained while working for Astrodyne TDI will help shape my future in many ways. Through the internship process, I was able to learn new techniques of soldering, assembling, crimping, and many more tasks that I will no doubt need for my engineering future. In fact, working for Astrodyne TDI through the internship has excited me for my future life after school when I become a full time engineer. I genuinely enjoyed my time working in and out of the lab.”

- Brian Hunt

“Based on my experience with the company, I am certain that engineering is the pathway in my life I want to take. Whether electrical or mechanical I know I am armed with the knowledge necessary to pursue success. Taking the many things, I learned on the job and applying them to my education and future endeavors will prove to increase my value as a worker and aid in achieving success.”

- Christopher Parisi

What challenges did you experience during your time at Astrodyne TDI, and how were you able to overcome them?

“If I ever encountered challenges, whether it was a hardware mishap, missing parts, or incorrect drawings, it could always be solved by asking for help. In the environment that the Astrodyne TDI team provides, help is never far away. Everyone is team oriented and they are all working towards one goal. The engineers at Astrodyne TDI are extremely open and easy to talk to. Many times, I would have a question on how to do something and I would not only get my answer, but they would tell me ‘why we do it this way’. Everyone is extremely professional and any challenges I faced in the line of work were never too great to overcome.”

Brian Hunt

“At first, I was given the task of organizing and adjusting each mechanical and electrical drawings to a standardize format. Being “thrown to the wolves” in a sense with this task allowed me to take the initiative myself to work towards a system that is easy for others to learn and apply. By planning out each step and working closely with full-time employees we were able to work through over 1000 drawings, organizing each to a standardized format to be provided to partners and customers.”

Christopher Parisi

Would you recommend the Astrodyne TDI Internship Program to colleagues and friends?

“I would absolutely recommend this internship program to anyone with a passion for engineering. I even wish I had more time in the program! The experience was fun, insightful, and exciting. This type of experience cannot be replaced by any other means of work for future engineers.”

Brian Hunt

“I would highly recommend this internship to others as it provides an avenue for personal and professional growth. The diverse intercommunication between departments allows you to seek out a plethora of knowledge if you chose to pursue it. Being able to pick so many great minds with ease will help anyone who is motivated improve on themselves little by little every day they show up for the job.”

Christopher Parisi

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