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Custom Power Supplies

At Astrodyne TDI, we offer an extensive range of off-the-shelf Power Supplies that demonstrate reliability in various applications.

Many Power Supplies need to be customized for specific applications. Companies in the Medical and Defense industries, for example, need to ensure compliance with stringent industry regulations, and Power systems within aircraft and Military equipment must be designed to handle extreme temperatures and altitudes.

Whether you require modification to a standard Power Supply or need a solution designed to your specifications, we will design and manufacture a cost-effective power system to meet your needs.

Compliance-Ensured Customized Power Systems

Companies in a variety of industries opt for custom Power Supplies to ensure their compliance with regulatory authorities. Each custom product should offer the same compliance assurance as an off-the-shelf solution.

Whether you need Medical models certified for industry safety standards or products that meet the increasing regulations of the Aerospace and Military industries, our custom solutions are tested to ensure total compliance.

All of our designs are administered with ISO design processes, and we subject each product to a rigorous testing process for design verification. Many of our Power Supplies also undergo Highly Accelerated Stress Testing (HAST) in our in-house testing chamber.

Superior Performance for Years to Come With Custom DC Power Supplies

When you require custom Power Supplies, you need durable, high-performance solutions that will satisfy your end users without fail. These products should operate smoothly for years with the utmost safety and dependability; Astrodyne TDI offers these superior, durable custom supplies.

Many of our customers praise our expertise in custom design. Experts in many industries choose Astrodyne TDI time and time again to meet their increasing demands due to our dependable products, industry expertise and exceptional customer care. We welcome the opportunity to make products in the Consumer, Industrial Semiconductor Equipment, Medical, Aerospace, and Military markets the best they can be.

Order Your Custom AC/DC Power Supply From Astrodyne TDI

Tailor your product's Power Supply specifications, or integrate system aspects such as EMI Filtering and Power Distribution units. At Astrodyne TDI, we offer the turn-key solutions and manufacturing capabilities you need for any custom application.

Take control of your product reliability. Request your quote for a customized power system, or contact us for more information about our portfolio of custom solutions.