Delivering Accurate and Reliable Power to Electrostatic Chuck Systems

To kick things off, let's explore the vital function that electrostatic chucks serve in the realm of semiconductor manufacturing. These essential components play a key role in securely anchoring wafers in position throughout a variety of processes. Among the different types of chucks, electrostatic chucks stand out for their ability to use electrostatic force to grip delicate materials such as metal foils and films because they do not use mechanical constraints. As a result, these electrostatic chucks are essential for securely moving wafers within semiconductor manufacturing machinery. Electrostatic chucks provide a dependable solution to safeguard these delicate components.

In the realm of electrostatic chucks, high voltage plays a crucial role in creating the electrostatic grip between the platen and wafer.  These e-chucks are designed to cater to both low-temperature and high-temperature, which essentially correspond to the current requirements. As we further explore the intricacies, it becomes clear that electrostatic chucks, alongside their power supply and RF filter requirements, play a crucial role in the processes of semiconductor manufacturing.E-Chuck in Semiconductor Cap Equipment

The unique power solutions developed by AstrodyneTDI for electrostatic chucks focus on both high and low-temperature applications within semiconductor manufacturing processes. Our commitment to precision, compactness, and adaptability sets us apart in the market, ensuring that our customers receive top-notch performance and reliability. With a keen eye on accuracy and power density, we aim to provide tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of semiconductor manufacturers.

Where does AstrodyneTDI position itself within the realm of semiconductor tools? The significance of power supplies in the semiconductor industry lies in the essential role electrostatic chucks play in each step of the front-end process, from lithography to deposition and beyond. With multiple chucks requiring multiple power supplies for various tasks, the demand is high, and the market growth is driven by the increasing need for electronics. Fueling a surge in the need for power supplies across voltage ranges from 1000 to 8000 volts.

At Astrodyne TDI, our primary focus lies in applications up to 2000 volts. This particular range of voltage is where we have dedicated our focus and honed our expertise. The importance of reverse polarity cannot be understated when it comes to securely clamping and unclamping the wafer, facilitating a straightforward yet vital "stick and unstick" process. Furthermore, the presence of plasma in these procedures may lead to RF leakage back into the power supply. To counter this, we can develop solutions that effectively integrate RF filters to block the RF energy, guaranteeing minimal interference to both the power supply and the overall operation. The demand for high-voltage power supplies and RF filters in this sector is on the rise, presenting numerous opportunities for us to excel and provide innovative solutions.

Astrodyne TDI's electrostatic chucks cater to both high and low-temperature applications. High-temperature capabilities are crucial in semiconductor manufacturing, where high current demands are met with voltages up to 2000 volts and power outputs of 400 watts. This unique approach sets Astrodyne TD_ apart in the market, as we prioritize accuracy and compactness in our solutions. Our high-voltage DC-to-DC converter ensures precision and reliability, catering to the diverse needs of semiconductor manufacturers. On the other end, low-temperature applications cater to lower current requirements, offering flexibility with voltages ranging from zero to 1000 volts. The ability to reverse polarity effortlessly facilitates the handling of delicate wafers, complemented by our compact and precise power supplies that offer a seamless solution for diverse multi-channel needs. With a focus on customer needs and industry demands, our innovative solutions stand out in the competitive landscape.

ESCape: High Temperature
Single Output +/- 1500V, 400W AC-DC
Power Supply
ESCape: Low Temperature
Single Output +/- 1000V, 25W DC-DC
Power Supply
ESCape E-Chuck Power Supplies (5)

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ESCape E-Chuck Power Supplies (3)

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Reliability stands as the cornerstone of success in the semiconductor industry. Given the immense value of semiconductor manufacturing wafers, any disruption or damage can incur significant costs. This is why we place a premium on reliability, aiming to minimize interruptions and shield delicate wafers from harm. As dedicated partners in this specialized market, we boast a deep understanding and a proven track record of deploying systems that meet the most rigorous standards. Our unwavering commitment to excellence perfectly aligns with the needs of our esteemed customers and the unique demands of this industry. What sets us apart is our unmatched precision and power density, setting a new benchmark compared to our competitors. This distinction not only adds substantial value to our customers but also distinguishes us in the market. While many competitors offer DC-to-DC input solutions, we offer a versatile solution that accepts both DC and AC inputs, streamlining the entire process.

As previously highlighted, collaborating with AstrodyneTDI brings forth key benefits such as impressive power density, precise polarity switching, and exceptional high-temperature performance. As a single vendor for RF filters and E Chuck power supplies, we aim to streamline the design process for our customers, allowing their engineers to focus on their expertise while we handle the power solutions. For additional information about our e-chuck capabilities please contact our team at