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A Groundbreaking AC-DC Power Supply with Medical Certification

AstrodyneTDI's HermesFlexTM is a fully adjustable, medical-grade power supply certified to IEC60601-1 with 2 MOPP and BF Leakage Current. It offers a wide-range DC output of 0-500VDC with controls and precision. HermesFlexTM can be easily connected in parallel current-sharing groups for higher power applications, enabling 6.6kW per 1U of rack space. It operates from a universal 90-264VAC input. Regulatory agency compliance eliminates the need for a bulky isolation transformer, simplifying system engineering and cost. HermesFlexTM maximizes application flexibility and enhances overall safety for users.

AC/DC Power Supply 

2.2kW HermesFlex Conduction Cooled

Experience the power of our versatile HermesFlex AC/DC Power Supply. With a universal input range from 90VAC to 264VAC in 1-phase and programmable output voltage options from 3V-28V, 5V-56V, 5V-85V, 10V-125V, 10V-180V, 10V-250V, 10V-350V, and 15V-500V, you can customize your power supply to meet your specific voltage needs. The HermesFlex also features a programmable current source of up to 80A, parallel and redundant operation for reliability, and a compact 1U high, 19" rack space design. Rest assured, it has undergone rigorous testing, is certified to meet safety standards, and offers enhanced safety and protection. Trust in our power supply for performance and reliability.

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Unleash the Power of the HermesFlex System and its Revolutionary Arbitrary Wave Generator (AWG)

Elevate Your Power System to New Heights with the HermesFlex System and the Unparalleled Capabilities of the AWG

Experience the extraordinary capabilities of the AWG with its remarkable feature - a high-frequency switched-mode post regulator that allows for the reversal of output polarity. Through expert modulation of the four switches, the AWG empowers you to precisely set the output polarity according to the commands of your external host system. Upgrade your power system today with the HermesFlex System combined with the unmatched capabilities of the AWG.

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