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Liquid-Cooled Power Supplies

Patented Liquid-Cooling Technology that Enables Cutting Edge Power Solutions

World Leader in Liquid-Cooled Power Conversion Systems

Environmental and cooling requirements are very significant factors when selecting a power solution. Astrodyne TDI’s patented cooling technology has undergone extensive testing over five generations of liquid-cooled power products. Liquid-cooled power solutions by Astrodyne TDI utilize pressure-tested, leak-resistant anodized connections that enable the use of liquid-cooling with confidence in demanding applications. The world's most advanced liquid-cooled power solutions, with power modules from 5kW to 16kW. These wide-range DC power supplies feature voltages up to 1kV and provide power up to 500kW.

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Benefits of liquid-cooled power solutions:

  • Increased Power Density: Greater heat transfer coefficient (10-100x compared to air cooling)
  • Environment: Ultra-clean or ultra-dirty with ingress protection (from dust, debris, etc.)
  • Superior Temperature Control: the greater heat capacity of liquid creates a smaller temperature gradient within the unit
  • Scalable Power: Parallel compatible power for solutions upwards of 500kW
  • Minimize Audible Noise: No fan wear out

Liquablade™ Rack Systems

We are delivering complex power systems in record time by leveraging standard solutions!

Astrodyne TDI's liquid-cooled power solutions can be used independently for stand-alone applications or easily paralleled for high-power solutions. These rectifiers can be easily connected into parallel current sharing groups for higher power applications, enabling designs upwards of 500kW.

Astrodyne TDI designs and manufactures Custom Power Systems to support critical applications in the Medical, Semiconductor Capital Equipment, Military, and Industrial Markets. Our team streamlines system design while simplifying manufacturing processes and reducing costs. Custom liquid-cooled systems offer effective and efficient implementation of power distribution, safety features, local or remote control, output monitoring, and power system management. To ensure low mean-time-to-repair quick-swap modules are available to increase your system's reliability. Astrodyne TDI's capabilities range from small systems delivering thousands of watts to large-scale solutions providing 100's kilowatts.

  • Rack Assemblies with complete bussing/plumbing/power distribution
  • Power protection features include circuit breakers, fuses, safety interlocks, EMO, etc.
  • System controller for set point controls and power system management
  • Conforms with common agency standards for various markets
  • Additional filtering available to meet industry EMI/EMC compliance