It's Time to Prioritize EMI/RF Filters in Your Shielded Room Design

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Why do you need an EMI/RFI Shielded Room Filter?

EMI/RFI shielded filters can prevent conducted high-frequency noise from entering or exiting your shielded room or facility. These filters are typically mounted at the point of power entry to create required input/output isolation. When implemented properly, EMI/RFI Shielded filters protect sensitive equipment and prevent information from leaving the shielded room or facility.

Finding the right shielded room EMI/RFI filter can be challenging due to both selection and availability. These challenges can hamper the design and construction process of a shielded room or facility. Having an experienced and knowledgeable resource that can help with the specification and selection of the right EMI/RF shielded filter can help avoid overpriced filters with unnecessarily wide frequency. 

How to select an EMI/EMC Filter for Shielded Rooms or Facilities?

Check out our ON DEMAND training to learn how to specify an EMI Filter for facility applications, from our team of engineers and design experts. Our standard line of EMI/RFI Shielded Room Filters includes a variety of highly reliable solutions, but modified /customized solutions to address specific requirements.

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MRI and Shielded Room/Facility EMI Filter Resources

Learn more about EMI/RFI shielding technology and EMI/RFI filters. 

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