HermesFlex Now Available with Outputs up to 500V

2.2kW HermesFlex Conduction Cooled (413 x 301 px)

Introducing the Revolutionary Type BF, Programmable Power Supply with 2 MOPP Isolation

Hackettstown, NJ - December 2023 - Astrodyne TDI (ATDI) is excited to unveil the newest addition to the HermesFlex™ power supply line. This innovative and versatile 2.2kW medical-grade programmable power supply provides expanded voltage flexibility and an array of connector options. 

The HermesFlex™ power supply from Astrodyne TDI is an innovative solution for a wide range of applications in the industrial and medical fields. Whether it's for patient treatment, medical imaging, surgical equipment, or industrial technology applications like test and measurement, factory automation, and process control, the HermesFlex™ offers a digitally controlled power supply that meets the highest performance and reliability standards. For high-power applications, the HermesFlex™ rectifiers can be effortlessly connected in parallel current-sharing groups using a three-module shelf assembly, allowing for 6.6kW per 1U of 19" rack space. It is worth noting that the HeremesFlex™ is certified to IEC60601 and features 2 MOPP isolation and BF leakage current. HermesFlexTM A Groundbreaking AC-DC Power Supply with Medical Certification (1)-1

The HermesFlex™ now offers a variety of DC main output options, including 28V, 56V, 85V, 125V, 180V, 250V, 350V, and 500V. It provides a continuous output power of 1,200W when operating from a 90-132VAC or 120-250VDC input, and 2,200W when operating from a 176-264VAC or 250-380VDC input. 

The HermesFlex™ provides users with multiple mechanical configurations. Whether you choose the blind mate option for seamless hot swap compatibility or the hard-wired version for embedded installation, this power supply offers versatile solutions to meet your specific needs. The blind mate version measures 5.6" × 1.59" × 12.21", while the hard-wired version measures 5.6" × 1.59" × 12.55". 

The HermesFlex™ boasts an efficiency of over 91% and weighs only 3.5 lbs. It operates on an input voltage of 90-264VAC (single-phase) or 120-380VDC, with an AC frequency of 47-63Hz. The maximum input current is 16ARMS at 90VAC and 12ARMS at 120VDC, offering a power factor greater than 0.97. Additionally, the HermesFlex™ is certified to IEC60601, Type BF, with 2x MOPP output isolation as well as UL/EN/IEC 62368-1. 

Notable features of the HermesFlex™ include programmable outputs, constant voltage, constant current, or constant power modes, and droop current share for scalability. It is blind-mate/hot-swap compatible and incorporates full power factor correction for low input harmonic currents. The SEMI F47 compliance ensures a 20ms holdup at full power. HermesFlex uses high-speed digital controls with an onboard CAN bus and shelf-level Ethernet Controller. 

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HermesFlex 1U 2.2kW Power Supplies are ideally suited for: 

  • Patient treatment
  • Medical imaging
  • Surgical equipment
  • Test and measurement
  • Factory automation
  • Process control

To learn more about this remarkable new product, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team or request a quote today.

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