Introducing the revolutionary HermesFlex™ Power Supply

HermesFlexTM Power SupplyIntroducing the groundbreaking Type BF programmable power supply featuring dual 2 x MOPP technology, setting a new standard in power delivery innovation.

Hackettstown, NJ - The HermesFlex™, a 2.2 kW power supply from Astrodyne TDI, is the ultimate solution for applications requiring precise control in industrial or medical settings. Featuring a universal 90-264VAC input and a flexible DC output range, the HermesFlex™ caters to diverse power requirements. When higher power is needed, these rectifiers can be easily interconnected in parallel groups, achieving an impressive 6.6kW per 1U of rack space. With IEC60601 certification, 2 MOPP isolation, and BF leakage current, the HermesFlex™ guarantees safety and reliability.

This innovative power supply offers programmable outputs in variable or fixed mode, enabling constant voltage, current, or power delivery. Designed for easy integration and scalability, the HermesFlex™ is blind-mate and hot-swap compatible, with full power factor correction for efficient operation. It also complies with SEMI F47 standards, providing a 20ms holdup at full power and featuring an onboard CAN bus and Ethernet Controller for seamless control.

The HermesFlex™ excels in AC output versatility, offering a wide range of output options from 28V, 56V, 85V, 125V, 180V, 250V, 350V, and 500V, with power capabilities of up to 2.2KW per module and current outputs of up to 80A. Additionally, it includes an isolated auxiliary output of 12VDC/10W for added convenience.

Equipped with advanced control features like high-speed CANbus controls and variable speed fan control, the HermesFlex™ ensures smooth operation and integration. Whether in blind-mate or hard-wired versions, this power supply provides parallel and redundant operation capabilities, automatic current sharing, and hot-swap compatibility for enhanced reliability.

Engineered for optimal performance, the HermesFlex™ boasts 2x MOPP isolation, Type BF classification, and compliance with IEC60601 standards. With output fault isolation devices and full power factor correction, this power supply guarantees minimal noise and maximum fan life, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.  

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The HermesFlex is ideally suited for: 

  • Industrial Electronics
  • Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Medical Equipment
  • High-power LED usage for tasks like UV curing and heating
  • Burn-in Equipment
  • Lasers
  • Motor Controllers
  • Industrial Printing 

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