Introducing the New Facility/Shielded Room Power Line Filter

F Series - Facility/Shielded Room Emi Filters

Block Unwanted EMI Signals from Your Shielded Facility

Hackettstown, NJ – December 2021 - Astrodyne TDI, a global developer, and manufacturer of power conversion and EMI/EMC solutions that protect, enhance, and save lives, introduces the new F Series Facility/Shielded Room Power Line Filters. The new F Series features multiple design configurations including multi-line cabinet-style filter solutions and compact box-style single and dual-line filters.

With attenuation (insertion loss) of 100dB @14KHz to 10GHz by MIL-STD-220, these facility filters comply with the requirements of MIL-PRF-15733 and MIL-STD-810 and are safety approved to UL 1283, CE, and CSA C22.2 #8-13. Astrodyne TDI’s F series filters can also achieve extended insertion loss performance to 40GHz when installed with proper EMI shielding and isolation.

The key design features:

  • Bleeder resistors are built into each filter line to discharge the capacitor voltage to ground potential during power shutdown
  • Designed to operate continuously at rated currents and voltages
  • Withstand a 40% current overload for 15 minutes without degradation
  • The output compartment is supplied with a non-corrosive EMI-environmental gasket to prevent RF leakage and accommodate maximum isolation between input and output compartments. The input compartment is provided with a moisture-resistant gasket
  • Current ratings of 20A -2500A for cabinet style design, 20A – 400A for single line compact design, and 20A - 100A for dual line compact design

To ensure peace of mind, Astrodyne TDI has an entire team of field application engineers and in-factory technical experts to provide support through product selection, installation, and testing.

Download our Facility/Shielded Room EMI Filters Datasheets 

F Series - Facility/Shielded Room Emi Filters

F Series Facility Filters are ideally suited for: 

  • Secure Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Strategic Command Centers
  • Foreign Embassies
  • Shielded Rooms
  • EMI Test Labs
  • Radio Astrophysics Research Labs

For additional information regarding this new EMI/EMC filter line for Facility/Shielded Rooms by Astrodyne TDI, please contact Astrodyne TDI by visiting www.astrodynetdi/com.

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