Multi-Output Power Supplies 

Distribute controlled power to various sub-systems with confidence in a clean and organized environment. 

Configurable Multi-Output Power Solution for Housekeeping Requirements

Astrodyne TDI's new line of multi-output power supplies is designed with space in mind. The ASX and ASXMicro series feature a 1U rack mount configuration and meet a variety of medical and semiconductor industry standards including EN/IEC/UL60601-1 3rd Edition and SEMI F47-0706. This new design can deliver up to 1200W of regulated DC power through multiple outputs. The ASX series or the ASXMicro is the perfect power distribution solution for an organized environment where power is critical and safety is a top priority.

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ASX Multi-Output Solutions

A standard power system, designed to facilitate power housekeeping requirements and distribute controlled power to various sub-systems in a smart or connected surgical center.

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Bundle Up Your Power Solution

Complement your Power Distribution Unit with an Off-the-Shelf Uninterruptible Power Supply

The PowerBridge™ can help ensure power reliability in critical applications including labs, surgical suites, and industrial process equipment. This UPS system provides backup power while the facility emergency power ramps up. PowerBridge™ is a cost-effective solution to assure continuous operation with an output rating of 2000VA continuous and battery capacity for >2 minutes at full rated power.

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Designing Complex Power Systems

Overcome your power and EMC challenges with a powerful system solution, perfect for your product application.

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