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Blog | Mar 28, 2022
How to Select the Right External Power Adapter

Whether you need an external power adapter for a new product or as a replacement for an existing product, finding the right one can be tricky. There are a few details that are important to consider ...

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Blog | Mar 16, 2022
PDU: Monitoring and Control

Complex systems generally have several devices and loads, leading to the need for a power distribution unit (PDU). PDUs are commonly used to control and distribute electric power for semiconductor ...

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Blog | Feb 14, 2022
Taking the Next Steps in Your New EMC Engineering Career

The journey of a lifetime in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) engineering begins with a single step — creating a plan for success. Developing a game plan for your new EMC engineering career can ...

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Blog | Feb 8, 2022
Air-Cooled vs. Liquid-Cooled vs. Conduction-Cooled Power Supplies

Every electronic device generates some level of heat. The more heat created, the smaller the mean time between failure (MTBF) for a device. The general rule of thumb is that the MTBF doubles for ...

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Blog | Dec 8, 2021
Common Factors that Affect EMI Filters

In today’s digital world, every electrical and electronic product needs power supplies, converters, and switching circuits to get the right amount of power and achieve reliable performance and ...

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Blog | Dec 3, 2021
Insertion Loss in EMI Filters

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtering is essential to equipment design. The key to choosing a high-performance filter is knowing the basics of EMI filter insertion loss. What Is Insertion ...

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Blog | Dec 2, 2021
The Importance of EMI and EMC Testing

Electromagnetic emissions can affect the functioning of electronic devices, electrical systems, and radio frequency (RF) systems. Since the electricity in a circuit is never entirely contained, all ...

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Blog | Nov 29, 2021
Making vs. Buying Power Supplies

Deciding whether to purchase or make a power supply unit (PSU) can impact your overall power management subsystem cost, along with the final cost of the end-item system itself. The decision can also ...

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Blog | Nov 8, 2021
N+1 Redundancy Explained

N+1 redundancy is critical for semiconductor, military, and industrial applications, as it ensures a company's system continues to operate in the event of component failure. Without N+1 redundancy, ...

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Blog | Oct 12, 2021
Medical Power Supplies with Superior Quality and Reliability

Astrodyne TDI is certified to ISO 13485, and all our medical power supplies are designed and developed with the patient in mind. The Astrodyne TDI team works closely with customers and partners to ...

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Blog | Oct 6, 2021
An Overview of Snap-In EMI Filters

Countless industries use devices that emit electromagnetic impulses (EMI), including everything from fluorescent bulbs to microwave ovens to computers. Any excess EMI generation from these appliances ...

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Blog | Oct 4, 2021
UL Listed vs UL Recognized Power Supplies

OSHA mandates the safety approval of electrical equipment, like power supplies, by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL). UL Certification is listed as an approved testing lab, amongst 17 ...

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