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Blog | Jan 3, 2020
EMC Compliance Case Studies

Designing for EMC compliance can be extremely difficult as many dynamic variables must interact to provide a “clean”, upfront design. There are, however, a number of good EMC design practices that ...

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Blog | Oct 21, 2019
EMC Design Guidelines

Every printed circuit board (PCB) should be able to operate without disruption due to interference from other devices and without causing interference. To accomplish this, PCBs need to have strong ...

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Blog | Sep 4, 2019
Choosing Medical Power Supplies

The world of medicine looks different than ever before, with more devices needing more power. MedTech Europe, a trade association that represents manufacturers in the industry, estimates that there ...

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Blog | Jul 8, 2019
EMI Troubleshooting: How to Fix EMC Issues

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues are common in spaces where large amounts of electrical devices interact with one another. Units, circuits, and wires can never completely contain ...

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Blog | Jul 2, 2019
EMI Shielding vs Filtering

As our world becomes more digital, and electronic devices continue to play increasingly central roles in our lives, electromagnetic interference, or EMI, becomes an increasingly important issue. ...

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Blog | May 14, 2019
An Overview of Power Supplies for the Non-Engineer

Not all of us are engineers, but just about all of us do need power supplies. Power supplies provide and adapt power into the form we need for various tasks. In our modern world, power supplies are ...

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Blog | Apr 15, 2019
EMC Regulations

All electronic devices and systems generate, spread and receive electromagnetic energy. However, the electromagnetic energy of one device may negatively affect the performance of another device. ...

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Blog | Mar 11, 2019
EMI Filter Basics

Electronic devices play a vital role in nearly every industry, from hospitals to industrial manufacturing, to the military. Specific devices rely on uninterrupted and dependable electricity to ...

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Blog | Jul 24, 2018
Recent Inventions in the Electrical Engineering Industry

The field of engineering advances with every new technological breakthrough, and new electrical technology in engineering is particularly exciting. This guide covers some of the most recent new ...

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Blog | Jul 17, 2018
Solving EMC Challenges for LVAD

Solving Power and EMC Challenges The LVAD is a perfect example of how Astrodyne TDI, using a target application space approach, can help customers solve their power and EMC challenges. Astrodyne TDI ...

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Blog | Jul 17, 2018
Creating a Buzz: Electrical Inventions

"Who Invented the Light Bulb?" Without a doubt, the first person to enter your mind was Thomas Edison, a famous engineer. However, this is only partially correct! The invention of the light bulb was ...

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Blog | Jul 17, 2018
5 Ways Electrical Engineering has Changed Healthcare in 2018

Electrical engineers are dedicated professionals who are knowledgeable about how to develop electrical solutions to end application issues. They are responsible for providing industries throughout ...

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